Flying Start

This squad is a great introduction to club swimming and will take in children who are able to swim a length on their tummies and their backs. This squad will provide a session of coaching each week to help fine tune technique, build stamina and confidence and then allow them to transfer into bronze squad as and when they are ready to do so.


Develop efficient technique on all 4 strokes plus starts & turns (from wall, poolside and blocks. Introduce use of pace clock 

  • Introduce a basic poolside routine.
  • Develop basic speed over short distances
  • Develop basic aerobic endurance on short distances
  • Develop and establish flexibility, Pre/Post swimming stretching


  • Dive 2×20 Free: Demonstrating good skill and breathing technique.
  • Swim 1×20 Back: Demonstrating good skill with a steady head position.
  • Dive 1×20 Breast: Demonstrating good skill with a long stroke.
  • Swim 1×20 Fly: Demonstrating an undulating body movement and breathing every 2 strokes
  • Kick 2×20 Free: Demonstrating forward propulsion
  • Kick 2×20 Back: In a streamlined flat position, demonstrating propulsion
  • Kick 2×20 Breast: attempting a symmetrical backward kick
  • Kick 2×20 Fly: Demonstrating an undulating body movement and forward propulsion
  • Demonstrate a dive start and plunge 5m underwater in a streamlined position
  • Demonstrate sculling 10m head first and 10m feet first

Please refer to club news and club calendar for training times – revised schedule due to COVID 19