! All training and competing activities are currently on hold as a result of the Global Covid 19 Pandemic!

Our swimmers have the opportunity to compete at many different galas. There are different types of galas suitable for different abilities and ages. Our gala entries coordinator will email a calendar highlighting the galas the club is proposing to enter and nearer each gala all swimmers will be emailed the information pack for each individual one to decide if they want to enter. There are no fees for our swimmers for league galas or club time trials, but entry to all the other galas does usually attract an entry fee per race to be paid by the swimmer.

League Galas

We have two teams in the Midlands District Age Group Leagues. Currently we have one team in the Premier League and one in the Second Division. If a swimmer is selected to represent the club it is expected they will attend. Dates for these galas are shared with swimmers at the beginning of the year. Emails with team selection will be sent to swimmers direct from the Head Coach a few weeks before each gala.

Club Time Trials

Time Trials held quarterly gives all swimmers the chance to ‘race’ in a safe environment and to achieve times/PBs and to see their progress throughout the year. All squads are encouraged to participate in the time trials.

Other Galas

Open Meets

These are usually open to all swimmers however, as there are usually limits on the numbers who can attend, it is sometimes only the faster swimmers in each age group who get accepted for these galas.

Graded Meets

These are designed to stop the top swimmers in each age group being the only people able to compete. Swimmers usually have to have a time slower than a certain level to be able to enter

Mini Meets/Other Galas

Mini meets are designed to introduce younger swimmers to competition and are a great experience for them.