Bronze Squad


Bronze squad is the next step up after flying start, introducing regular training and competition opportunities for swimmers of different ages.

Please contact a member of the coaching team or visit the how to try out section of the site to arrange an assessment

  • Develop efficient technique on all 4 strokes plus starts & turns (from wall, poolside and blocks. Introduce use of pace clock 
  • Introduce a basic poolside routine.
  • Develop basic speed over short distances
  • Develop basic aerobic endurance on short distances
  • Develop and establish flexibility, Pre/Post swimming stretching


  • Dive 4×20 Free: Demonstrating good skill and breathing technique.
  • Swim 2×20 Back: Demonstrating good skill with a steady head position.
  • Dive 2×20 Breast: Demonstrating good skill with a long stroke.
  • Swim 1×20 Fly: Demonstrating an undulating body movement and breathing every 2 strokes
  • Kick 4×20 Free: Demonstrating forward propulsion
  • Kick 2×20 Back: In a streamlined flat position, demonstrating propulsion
  • Kick 2×20 Breast: attempting a symmetrical backward kick
  • Kick 2×20 Fly: Demonstrating an undulating body movement and forward propulsion
  • Demonstrate a dive start and plunge 5m underwater in a streamlined position
  • Demonstrate sculling 20 head first and 20 feet first

Kit List

Bronze Squad Kit List